Alhaji Mohammed Kawu, the new Emir of Lafiagi Emirate, Edu Local Government Area of Kwara state, says he is ascending throne of his forefathers with strategic plans to develop the emirate and the local government in general.

In a chat with MIDLAND POST newspaper in Ilorin on Wednesday, the youthful first class traditional ruler and foremost banker, said " I am going to use the experiences that I have garnered over the years in the private sector to see how best  I can translate that for the benefit of our people.

"I have a flourishing career as a banker and it is now about development for our own people," he added.

Unfolding his agenda for the people of Lafiagi Emirate, Alhaji Kawu, said, as a basically agrarian community, with a large population of farmers, "If you set out to help them, one of the best and fastest way would be to impact in agriculture."

He explained that "If you improve the lot of the farmers, it would translate directly to majority of the people and improve their economic power which would also bring growth and stability within the emirate."

Alhaji Kawu, emphasized improved education for the people saying that " No society flourishes without education, in most successful societies, countries and places you go to, you will find that their success is driven by education."

He said "the greatest empires of the world, were great because of education, so if you prioritise education, then it is a win situation for you, as progress and development will follow"

The Monarch said the people of Lafiagi Emirate also need a lot of infrastructure development in terms of more roads, hospitals, schools and markets, asserting that " We will reach out to more government agencies to try and see how more projects could be attracted to the area for the people.

The former Ubandoma of Lafiagi Emirate, emerged the new Emir of Lafiagi, following the passage of the late Emir, Alhaji Saadu Kawu Haliru, at the age of 86, after 46 years on the throne at the National Hospital, Abuja in July 2021.

Alhaji Mohammed Kawu, thanked Almighty God for ascending the throne out of over 30 contestants who vied for the vacant throne

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